The Blowdry Bootcamp 

 Instructor Bio:

Diane Almeida is a Senior Stylist and Head Educator at JLS Hair Design. She has over 16 years of experience and loves teaching. She prepares stylists with the skills that they need to progress onto the floor.

Class Information: 

Diane will teach you all of her secrets to master blowouts. With this hands on class, you will acquire the confidence you need and achieve picture perfect blowouts. 

Students will learn the following:

• Curly blowouts/iron work
How to make it last for days
Perfect bangs
Silky blowouts
Voluminous blowouts
Blow drying without clips
Shampooing tricks to make your clients feel relaxed

Tools Required: 

• Blow-dryer with nozzle
Round brushes
Water bottle
Pen and notebook
• Please bring two models that you have difficulty with. Notify us if you need models 5 days prior to class or mannequin will be provided

Class Schedule:
Sunday, September 29th from 10-2pm
10am-11am: Demonstration
11am-2pm: Hands on blowouts

Student discount- 10% off.
Beverages and pastry provided.
Group rates are available.  

Pricing For Class:
Blow Dry Boot Camp………… $199.99 SALE ONLY $99! 

Classroom Experience:
Classes limited to 6-10 students so you will get undivided attention, and hands on experience from your instructor. Classes are for licensed stylists or students only. You will receive a certificate of completion from JLS Academy.

Questions? Absolutely!